Mein Drama Full Star Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story

Ary Digital now has a new Pakistani drama series called Mein. On 7th August 2023, the drama’s first episode aired. The drama’s plot is the complexity of relations due to status differences and arrogancy.

Mein Drama 2023

Release Date7 August 2023
Timing8:00 pm, Monday
WriterZanjabeel Asim Shah
DirectorBadar Mehmood
Executive ProducerMuhammad Jerjees Seja

Story (Plot)

Mein is a gripping tale of two independent thinkers who meet because of bad love luck while coping with social and familial pressures!

Star Cast & Role

The Drama stars Wahaj Ali, Ayeza Khan, Azeekah Daniel, Usman Peerzada, Shehzad Nawaz, Aijaz Aslam, Agha Mustafa, Nameer Khan, Sabeena Syed, Alizay Rasool, Rohi Ghazali, and Shiza Khan in the lead roles.

Wahaj Ali as Zaid

In this Drama, Wahaj Ali played the role of Zaid.

Wahaj Ali in Mein

Ayeza Khan as Mubashira Jaffar

In this Drama, Ayeza Khan played the role of Mubashira Jaffar.

Ayeza Khan in Mein

Azekah Daniel as Ayra

In this Drama, Azekah Daniel played the role of Arya.

Azekah Daniel in Mein

Agha Mustafa Hassan as Mohib

In this Drama, Agha Mustafa Hassan played the role of Mohib.

Agha Mustafa Hassan in Mein

Sabeena Syed as Zaid’s Sister

In this Drama, Sabeena Syed played the role of Zaid’s Sister.

Sabeena Syed in Mein

Aijaz Aslam as Ayra’s brother

In this Drama, Aijaz Aslam played the role of Arya’s Brother.

Aijaz Aslam in Mein

Usman Peerzada as Jaffar

In this Drama, Usman Peerzada played the role of Jaffar.

Usman Peerzada in Mein

Shiza Khan as Hina

In this Drama, Shiza Khan played the role of Hina.

Shiza Khan in Mein

Aleezay Rasul as Ayra’s sister in law

In this Drama, Aleezay Rasul played the role of Ayra’s sister-in-law.

Aleezay Rasul in Mein

Shahzad Nawaz as Zaid’s father

In this Drama, Shahzad Nawaz played the role of Zaid’s father.

Shahzad Nawaz in Mein

Nameer Khan

In this Drama, Nameer Khan played the role of Sk.

Nameer Khan in Mein

Mein Drama Trailer / Promos

Satellite Rights and Digital Rights

The satellite rights and digital distribution rights were acquired by ARY Digital Drama.

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